Friday, May 8, 2009

Being a Mom

I had no idea what being a mom would be like, though I'd spent most of my life preparing.  I remember the day I brought Lucy home; Julius left for work and I was alone with this little person.  I was tired, sore, freaked out and still had laundry to do.  I had made goals my entire life:  Get good grades, graduate from high school, seminary, college, travel, mission, marry, and the last but not least have kids.  Well, I did all of that, what they heck do I do NOW?  I have no more goals. They didn't talk about this part in young women's.

I remember calling my mom and asking her that very question, "what do I do now?".   I now am raising 2 beautiful girls who make my life so happy, sad, crazy, fun, etc.  I have had the mommy bear come out to a few people (let's hope they never show up at my church and see me), I have felt helpless when they are sick, I have felt like I was going to go crazy when they don' listen, I have lost it a few times when they cry, and on and on.  I tried to start a garden and was really disappointed when I couldn't get anything to grow.  I called my mom and asked her what I should do.  She told me to focus on growing my children and worry about the garden later.

I am growing my children and loving it (most days).

Happy Mother's Day! 
Stay sane and do something for yourself!