Sunday, October 31, 2010


I always thought I loved Halloween....

then I had children.

You'd think I'd like it more, but I didn't

and you want to know why?

Because I would make myself crazy (and everyone else) trying to MAKE my kids have fun.

(you know that saying, Momma aint happy, aint nobody's SOOOOO true!)

I thought if I made them look cute and wear great costumes and drag them to the right houses (to get great candy because it's for them...right) and, and, and....then they would love me more and think I'm a great mom and be SO happy...........


I was a crazy lady! Yelling at them to stand still so I could do their hair or makeup or whatever. And they always seemed to hate the costume because it was itchy, uncomfortable, not what they want. I was psycho!

Then after I forced them to do want I thought would make them happy, I would force them to smile for the camera and again stand still.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I would always try to get (okay....force) my hubby to dress up or decorate the back of the truck...let's say that would never go off well.

I'VE CHANGED! (Well, for now.)

I let my girls do whatever they wanted. If they asked for makeup or for their hair to be done I would do it, but if they didn' big deal! I didn't even take the camera to the trunk or treat. And guess what....we all had a great time. All of us. My girls, Julius, and...


I really hope I remember this for the next holiday when I'm going crazy and trying to force people to do things I want...which I'm sure will.

(I need to save forcing for the things that I really need to enforce.)

Here's a pic of Lucy at school. They got to dress up in the morning and have a parade. I did take pics here, but there was no forcing going on at all.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Seriously? Really? What?

So I'm asking for you help. I might not like what I hear, but I want your opinion.
I'm going to tell you a little story.
In Dick and Jane style.
Someone let me borrow a breastpump. 
She offered, I didn't ask.
She moved away.
To a different country.
She didn't take breastpump with her.
She came back to visit.
Asked me to meet up with her.
She never called.
She came back to visit, again.
Asked me to meet up with her, again.
She never called.
She came back to visit.
Asked me to meet up with her, again.
I was going off island.
I left breastpump at mutual friend's home.
She never picked it up.
She asked me to send it to her.
It cost a buttload to send. 
Told her I would keep it here until she came to visit again.
Emails started to get ugly.
Jamie started to get pissed.
She is blaming.
Is this my responsibility?
The End.
But not really.  Read the latest e-mail she sent to me.  Names have been changed to protect...I'm not going to say innocent, they are just changed.

To say the least, I am rather miffed with this entire breast-pump-
return fiasco. Quite frankly, regardless of the fact that we never
seemed to "meet" whilst I was in Hawaii, I am going to point out that
in my opinion, YOU should have been coming to me, not vice versa.
After all, I was doing you the favor, NOT you doing me a favor.

So, when Dick (named changed) arrives in Hawaii next month I expect you to drive out
to where ever he is staying and return the pump to him in immaculate
condition. I hardly got to use my pump, so I would appreciate it's
condition being near new.

Jane (Named changed)
Am I wrong for being pissed and feeling like it's not my responsibility to get this thing to her?  Now I'm even more pissed (after this last e-mail) and want to write her and tell her off.  It's as if I am keeping this damn breastpump away from her. What the hell? Really? Over a freakin' breastpump.  I'm not going to pay to ship it to her (though I should have to get her off my back), but that was the whole point of borrowing (might I remind it was she who offered!) I am a cheap son-of-a-gun.  I borrow so I don't have to pay for something.  And when I let people borrow things I don't expect them to be at my beck-and-call with whatever item it is. 
So please tell me exactly what you think.  I need a sanity check here.
Oh, by-the-way I've had the breast pump since Lucy was born.....almost 5 years ago.