Friday, August 29, 2008

Why I Don't Buy Toys!

Yes, my children do have toys, but I don't really go out and buy them, they come to me, but even if I did spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on my kids, what do they end up playing with???????.............the crap in your cupboards!  Ellie loves the plastic container cabinet.  The second she pulls them out she will leave and the second I put them back in she's back to do it again!   It totally drives me insane, but then it keeps her quiet for a few minutes....I'm a total sucker for a few minutes of quiet!


Darth Mama said...

Jade and Koa loved exploring the cabinets too. It is good stacking exercise, sorting, or just discovering. Yep, who needs toys!

Katrina said...

Those are some of Maile's favorite "toys" too, along with shoes, empty boxes, etc. We don't buy our kids toys very often but they rake it in enough from family at birthdays and Christmas that the toy thing still tends to get out of hand. I go into the boys room at least once every couple months and collect a bunch to send to D.I. I love getting them out of my house and the kids love the feeling of giving their old toys to other kids who aren't as spoiled as they are. :)