Saturday, October 4, 2008

Momma Bear

(This picture has nothing to do with my post, just thought it was cute and that you'd like to see one of my many "photo shoot gone wrong".

So, the other day I had to go to Wal-Mart to get a few things and of course I took my children with me. I like to go out early in the morning, first, because they are up dang early and we might as well and second, because going out and doing things gets them dang tired and they take really great naps. Well we weren't there more then 2 minutes and Lucy starts whining and crying and wanting to be carried, wanting to look at princess stuff (if she is crying and whining I don't let her look at stuff she likes), so I decide to just get the toilet paper and leave. Well, as we are walking to the cash registers, I have all the old cronies looking at me and at Lucy and wondering if she's lost or a brat or whatever (old people... love you guys, but sometimes....didn't you have children once?), but one lady.....says as she walks past me, "Gosh (the other word), shut up,mumble, mumble, mumble". Right in front of me! I don't know what happened to me, but I totally lost it. I am right there near the cash registers and I'm not really sure how loud I said this, but I said, "Haven't you ever had bad day.......Well, she's having one today!!!!!"

She didn't like that very much and by the looks of it I didn't get support from anyone around me.
I have never felt the mother bear come out in me. I have felt it in other ways, but never the protecting from another person, and I was mad and irritated at Lucy, but couldn't help but feel... protective. WEIRD! So now I'm mad at Lucy and mad at this old lady, my day started off really well. I did have to call me conscience (my mom) to make sure I did the right thing. (She always knows how to make me feel better.) She told me just wait until the kids get older and you have people coming to your door to tell you what your kid has done....not looking forward to that. I guess I can live with them having fits in Wal-Mart.

Anyone ever done anything like that?


Jenn said...

funny story, Jamie, and I think I wouldn've done the same thing. We 've had plenty of hard days at Walmart--some where I've had to carry her football style out of the store. We went to Ho'omaluhia yesterday to feed the ducks. Well this huge goose started pecking at Anjuli, trying to bite her. I got so mad somebody was trying to hurt my little girl I wanted to kick that little goosie's butt. (Unfortunately I wasn't able to when the goose realized I was after him...)

jen said...

I have fits in the middle of wal mart all the time!

Actually a mom in our ward told me about a time another sis. in the ward came to her doorstep and told her she "wanted to help her" because she had heard her say "no" to her little boy.
She told the lady, "well I'm going to be telling him, 'No Drugs, No Alcohol, and No Sex' when he gets a little older, so I want him to get used to the word."

She said the lady talked to her very little afterward. But it solved her problem!

I think you handled it well. People are just selfish sometimes. They can't even imagine being in someone else's situation.

Nicole said...

If anyone has been to a store before and never heard a child having a meltdown they're one in a million. I've gotten mad like that beore and I used to hold my tongue but I'm over that. You were right, in my opinion anyway.

FryGuys said...

I am not going to lie. I can't stand to listen to kids cry/scream/whine at any place including my own because I feel sorry and embarrassed for the mom who has to put up with it.Wal-mart and Costco seem to bring the worst out in people including children. When people voice there opinions about my misbehaved child I will walk right up to them and ask them if they would like to spank my kid. Most of the time they are shocked and don't say a word. Then I reply with "Well I don't want to spank him either, so shut the H up I need to get some laundry detergent biotch and then I am out!" Don't get me wrong ~ I am a total believer in "spare the rod, spoil the child" but a spank will not shut them up, believe me I have tried. So I think the best bet is to just except someday it will be your turn to be old and and make crotchety comments about other peoples irritating kids. LOL

Katrina said...

I've never had anyone be quite that bold and pig-headed when my kids throw fits in public. I just get a lot of staring and an occasional look of sympathy. Wow, that woman sound like quite the piece of work. Good for you for putting her in her place. The closest thing I've had to that was when Kai was having a "bad day" and we were trying to get through the check-out line at Target. He locked eyes with a lady who was in another line and gave her a scowl and then she reciprocated with a nasty scowl of her own. I wanted to call her out on it and ask her if she was a 3-year-old stuck in an adult body but instead I bit my tongue and we went on our way.

This also reminds me of when we go out in public with Emiko. People are clueless and I remember one time some lady started getting all confrontational when Emi bumped into her and didn't say she was sorry. When Keiko yelled, 'Give her a freakin' break - she's mentally handicapped!' that pretty much shut her up.

Jared & Pansy said...

Just wanted to say HI Jamie! Glad you were the momma bear and were protective. I can't believe someone actually had the nerve to say that out loud. We may all think it once in awhile when we see other people, but to actually be bold enough to say it in front of you is just rude. I am no parent yet, but I would have done the same thing, I know we will have our bad days. Some people grrr!

Rich and Mel said...

Way to go Mommabear! That lady was way out of line. I'm glad you stood up for yourself. I surprise myself when I do those kind of things too. Every now and then, you just gotta!

Jacosa said...

Good work, Momma Bear! =D That reminded me of a time I was with Debbie Hartman at Target and Sheridan threw a fit and this woman was giving her the evil eye and Debbie looked her right in the eye and said, "What??!" The woman walked off and I thought, "Go, Debbie!"

Go Jamie!

George & Diana said...

Jamie....this is Diana, krista's mom...I want you to put up more pictures of your kids. I want to see them.
The picture of you doesn't look like you...put up a different picture!~ krista helped me with this comment but put a new one up! :O)

Alliban said...

of course, we all have. It's like you said, The Mama Bear coming out in us. I had someone try to correct one of my kids in a store or somewhere. I got all huffy and said I'll take care of my own children. You don't need to say anything to them and you don't need to be so rude. Not a big deal. My sister would've said something really clever. Not me. I just get all shaky and stupid!