Saturday, November 29, 2008

Move Over Beethoven

We had a great time in California.  I spent money, did stuff with friends and had a nanny (aka mom), how much better could it get.   The girls and I had a great time with the family.  The weather was spectacular, well it was cold between 4pm and 12pm, but the rest of the time was great.

We are happy to be home and back to our regular routine.  There is nothing like a vacation, but being home is really great, too!

Here are the girls playing the piano at mommer and papa's house. Aren't they cute!?!?!?!?


Nicole said...

I had a piano just like that! They're so cute, we're glad to have you home!

jen said...

I love this picture, Aaron saw it and said everyone's taken a picture at that piano, from the same angle. I even had one, it's in our scrapbook. From when we were dating and he wanted to get as much proofas he could that such a hot asian dated him.