Friday, July 3, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Today

Well, I couldn't handle it any longer.

It had to go.

I still have WHITE TRASH hair, but at least there isn't so much of it now!

I'm not looking for compliments, but doing this because I know there are those of you out there who wont get your hair cut short because you are scared, but you WANT to. Come on, hair is hair. It will grow back, it's not like your having surgery or anything. You feel like a new woman!

Now, I have a great husband who doesn't care what I do with my hair. There are some of you who keep it long for them.

Really come on.

Do you think he wont love you anymore? I did hear of a couple where the man will divorce the wife if she ever cuts her hair. What do you file that damage? Well, I'm sure there are things you can do to get him to agree and like it, but we will not discuss them's a family show.

Do not delay. Get out there and just do it. If you don't like it (I'm sure you will) your hair will grow back and you can wear one of those cool bandannas or something...start a new trend.

I will probably grow my hair long again, but I will probably cut it even shorter the next time!

Here are some reasons I miss my long hair.

1. I can wake up in the morning and put it in a ponytail and go.

2. I can go to the beach and put it in a ponytail and go.

3. I can get out of the shower and put it in a ponytail and go.

Here are some reasons I wont miss my long hair.

1. I don't look like a frumpy mom who just wakes up in the morning and puts my hair in a ponytail and goes. Long hair everywhere, in toes, in food, on pillows, in brush, in shower drain, etc.

2. I hate sleeping with long hair. I don't sleep well. It was always getting caught in armpits or I wouldn't be able to move my head until I pulled my hair up or in my face.....etc.

3. Long hair everywhere, in toes, in food, on pillows, in brush, in shower drain, etc.

4. It's HOT! And that's not the Paris Hilton's version of hot, I mean temperature wise.

5. It's HEAVY! And I don't mean philosophically speaking, I mean weight wise.

I could go on and on, but you get the gist. Don't be afraid, Just Do it! You will thank me in the morning!


The Jonas Family said...

Lookin' good! So, how many inches did you cut off? I am thinking of cutting my hair. My husband likes it long, but what the heck. He will get over it. Plus it is in the 100's here in Arizona!

Jamie said...

I cut 3 inches off myself last week and then the lady cut 4 inches off today. It is sooooo much cooler!

Katrina said...

That cut is looks so good on you! I actually envy "white trash" hair in some ways. My ridiculously thick, half-Samoan mane takes way too long to blow-dry and the frizz drives me crazy. I worry that a shorter cut will just look like a 'fro on me but I suppose I'll never know til I try! If you know of any shorter cuts that flatter a "fluffy", chubby-cheeked girl, send the ideas my way!

jen said...

It looks awesome, i love it.
I also love your reasons for hating long hair and loving short hair. I relate to every single one although I do wear my hair in a braid when I sleep, unless it can't reach my pits.

I would totally cut mine short, but then I know I'd miss it right after the baby's born. I'll wait until next summer then it'll be gone daddy, gone! :D

Thaomee said...

I cut my hair short as well...probably a little shorter than yours. I agree with your reasons why your cut your hair because they were the same reasons why I chopped mine off as well. It's hair and it will grow back.

ali said...

troy has this attachment to long hair. for years I had been growing my hair to appease his requests. But since I've cut my hair I feel like a totally new woman! Your hair looks great!

the Lindgren fam said...

You're one hot mama!

Jamie said...

Annisha add me to your blog!

Darth Mama said...

love it girl! You are looky quite sassy little hottie

Lindsey & Jared said...

VERY cute! I love it : )

Bird is the Word said...

Lovin it! Us "WHITE TRASH" girls need to STICK TOGETHER! Glad you are the same as me! Hair is Hair it grows back! And yeah, Hubby told me before we got married he really likes long hair... I cut mine a WEEK after the wedding! And he LOVES short hair now too!!

Maria said...

I found you Yay! Cam says "Don't expect me to be attracted to you with short hair." So get to deal with the heavy, loooong, hot (105 right not) pony tail hair. All with a smile though!

Rich and Mel said...

Ironically (or not) I cut my hair about exactly the same way last week. I didn't copy or anything. I wasn't sure under your definition whether your hair was long or short?! You hair was way shorter on the mission! Looks fab!