Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just Being Honest

I was going to go
on and on
about how I
HATED Halloween and the candy and the dressing up and, and, and...
But, I decided that I was being really negative and people don't really want to hear me go
on and on
about my expectations and how they get SHOT DOWN...
So, I digress.

I will go on and on about something else.

Do you ever feel like a horrible mom?

Well, I do


Every night I go to bed and think, "What in the heck was I thinking when I did.....this or that?"
I am usually praying for forgiveness and asking to be a better mom tomorrow.

But then,
I was looking at some pictures and, my girls have a pretty good life and are

very lucky

to have a mom like me.

(Good thing the pictures don't show me yelling or scolding them.)

I am hoping that these pictures will help the girls remember the good times we have together and not all the times I am the mother from
H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

Being a parent is freakin' hard, but there are good times and fun times and funny times and happy times and great times and silly times and...I could go on forever. You get the drift.

I just need to enjoy the moment and remember to relax and
stop expecting things
to go a certain way.

Here are some moments I've enjoyed with my girls.

We were playing hide and go seek. Kids, you gotta love 'em!

At the beach. I love it when the girls sit together. I hope they continue to stay close.

Ellie's 2nd birthday. She was so excited to see the balloons and asked all day if she could eat her
"happy birthday cake".

You get to do anything on your birthday....that means all the band-aids you want and you don't even have to have any blood!

Some of her presents! Isn't she so cute?!

The girls love to have their toes painted. Though as soon as we are done Ellie wants to take it off because she HATES to sit there until they are dry. (Not some of my greatest mommy moments with this activity!)

Halloween. We only let them go to 10 or so houses. They were pouring candy into their bags...I kept saying "only 1 please"...they didn't really listen. We have finished all the chocolate and now I regret not letting people put tons in their bag and going to more houses....sure could use some more chocolate!


Katrina said...

Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way! Yes, thank goodness photos don't capture all of our ugly parenting moments!

Nau Ohana said...

I love how you are so real! Yes, I think every mom feels like a terrible mother sometimes. I scold myself and repent quite a bit from day to day. I love your special moments with your girls. Just to let you know...I think you are a fantastic momma.

We miss you and should get together some time. Let me know when you'll be visiting with Tammy. Maybe we can fit a play date in.


the Lindgren fam said...

See what a fabulous mom you are! It's a good practice to remember all the good we're doing and not focus as much on the damage we've caused. (:Your girls are great hiders! I love that picture. We miss you guys...


The Jonas Family said...

I agree with you on being a parent, especially a MOM! It is HARD work! Great photos of your girls though!

Now why don't you like Halloween again? Isn't taking candy from your kids bags wonderful. (notice I did not say stealing.)

Jamie said...

Halloween..Hmmm I do like it, it's just the whole getting excited about dressing up my kids and then they don't want to and then they cry and whine and then all they want to eat for weeks is candy and then....well, I think I just expect things to go perfect and then when they don't....And my hubby hates holidays....that's hard, too!