Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Everything!

Wow, I have neglected the blogging world for toooooo long.

Here are a few of the things we have been doing.

The girls and I went to the Discovery Center. I wont go on about the price, but man, if I'd known...let's just say it was only kinda worth it.

I don't know how many square feet there are to this place, but everything there is for children and the size of children. Guess what my girls played with almost the entire time....

The freakin' kitchen play stuff. Guess who has tons of kitchen play stuff at their own home? Lucy was totally obsessed with the plastic pink frosting donut.....she has asked for it numerous times for her birthday. So easy to please.

There are little rooms with places from around the world with something to do from that country. The girls had fun trying to use the chopsticks on the fake food in Japan.

There is a little store, with little carts and a little cash register. Guess what my girls filled their carts with...hmmmm....can you say ice cream? (I would do it, too.) They also loved the bubble blowing area. Mommy doesn't like blowing bubbles or being a part of anything to do with bubbles, so they were loving this and so was the little boy they were blowing them for..yuck, I hate bubbles.

This is just a sweet pic of Ele Bell. Isn't she cute. Gotta love them when they are asleep!

We went to Kauai with Julius and had a great 2 weeks. Here is Lucy on a tree swing outside of the place we were staying in Kohala.

We stayed with some friends at the Marriott in Waikiki for New Year's Eve. It was so great. I think we might make it a tradition....It's a little crazy in Hawaii on New Year's Eve. Staying at the hotel made it not so bad.

We were able to go and visit my family in California. We had so much fun! Playing games with the fam, eating with the fam, playing Wii with the was a blast.

I can't believe it's already March. The time goes quickly. We are safe a happy and enjoying life. Hope you are, too!

Oh, by the way we are having another baby, due September 11, 2010.


Becks said...

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! 9/11/10?! That is a crazy awesome due date!! Congratulations!! ^___^ And your girls are too too cute!!

jdbanry family said...

Wow congrats Jamie!!!! Your girls are so beautiful, I miss you tons!

Lindsey & Jared said...

Congrats Jamie! Your girls are gorgeous :)

Hope you're well!

Sheena said...

HI pretty mama, love the pictures. I remember that kids museum from when I was little. So fun!

jen said...

how subtle. i can't wait to be an auntie, again! love you all; xxx!!

Deb said...


The Jonas Family said...

Congrats on baby #3!!!

Fun to see pictures of your girls too! My daughter loves to play kitchen as well.

The Hardles said...

Yay for new babies! Hope you're feeling good! Cute post, your girls are darling!