Saturday, January 15, 2011

Don't Call Me Shrimp

I did it, I got my kids a pet.

I said I would never do it, but I have been wanting one myself.

Lately Lucy has been saying that she wants a dog....
(yeah right, like I need another kid to take of)

So, this is what I bought them.

Alexa, JJ, Ellie, Lucy, Elizabeth, and Trisha. (Well, I couldn't get all of them in the picture at the same time and not sure who's who, but here's 3 of them.)

Aren't they so cute?

I have been wanting these for a long time.


They are the easiest pets in the world and the smallest.

We had to go to the mall and I decided to take the girls to the pet store. I don't really like animals (for myself and/or family), mainly because I'm allergic to everything and I can't imagine taking care of something my kids would actually take car of a dog....and most animals aren't 99cents. When I told them that we were going to buy these, Lucy got all excited and saying (really loudly), "We are going to get a pet, I' m so excited, I can't believe we are getting a pet." I was almost embarrassed because I got her so warped she thinks of these as "pets". Well, I guess I do to, but walking by all the dogs, kittens, turtles, birds, etc and she's excited for her "pets". I guess she realizes she'll take what she can get.

Look them up they're pretty cool.


Jessica @ One Shiny Star said...

Tiny little shrimp are better than nothing! They're so small they don't even have a wikipedia page! Haha. We have two dogs and sometimes I wish they just sat in a jar and swam around. :)

Jody said...

Jamie, those are totally perfect! What a great idea...hey you live in Hawaii, don't all people there have pets from the ocean? Makes sense to me...Love the pics and what a great idae to house them in and love the sea glass from the sea for your pets from the sea....

Thekla & Grayson said...

That is the weirdest pet ever. I wanted a pet really bad when I was a kid, but I don't think I am that desperate! Your kids are so adorable!

The Laing Gang said...

Jamie! You are my kind of mom! I try to convince my kids that stuffed animals are pets!