Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Old Lady"?!

Old Lady? Old Lady! While we were at the beach the other day I was taking pictures of the girls and these little kids were playing around us and one of them said to another, "hey, watch out, the old lady is taking pictures." WHAT? Old Lady? Excuse me?

Though I have started to notice my eyes are different, what in the heck are those lines all around them? Why do my eye lids seem to stay pushed to one side after I put on my eye shadow? What is this spare tire thing that has seemed to get caught around my waist after I turned 30? Why does the skin on the back of my hands seem to be thinning? What is this gray thing growing out of my head? Why are there lines on my forehead when I'm not even scrunching my eyebrows together? Are my lips getting smaller/thinner? What is happening to my body?

Old Lady? Well, I guess. It's pretty sad, though... it's only when I've started to become an "old lady" that I've really gotten to like myself that everything seems to be falling apart, I'm more happy with who I am. But, I think I might have to stop smiling, laughing and scrunching my eyebrows together. Can't afford anymore wrinkles! We never appreciate things when we have them. Never thought one should appreciate snappy eye lids....wish I would have known!


Darth Mama said...

You pretty young thing, you. Think nothing of those children!

Jenn said...

Hey, I hear ya sista. I've got the same problem! Sometimes I would really fret about it but then I decided, there is absolutely nothing I can do. Not all the eye creams in the world can take back the years, so I better get used to it. Anjuli does look a lot like Lucy. Now with pig tails and a "toddler" face I often think of Lucy when I see my girl at church dressed up :) We should get our kids together!

California Banry's said...

If you're old what's that make me?


Boo said...

Oh my gosh I was laughing so hard when I read this..."hey, watch out, the old lady is taking pictures" haha I guess I shouldn't laugh too hard since everyone thinks we are twins...but on a side note you don't look old!! Love you!!

Katrina said...

I've been meaning to comment on this one for a while. SO FUNNY! And I can completely relate. It seems that since having kids and hitting 30, my poor body is aging at an all-to rapid pace. It seems that there is a new wrinkle or white hair every time I turn around! It's such a weird feeling because I still feel like I'm 17 and playing "house" in so many ways! We're definitely not deserving of the "old lady" label just yet. ;) Remember when we used to think the elders were SO OLD and now they're practically babies? Or that we'd be nearing the end of our lives at 40?