Friday, July 18, 2008

My Surfer Dude

Here is my husband body surfing (no board) at a spot called Point Panic. He is totally obsessed with looking at pictures of himself surfing, it's kinda cute (why do guys like looking at pics of themselves?). There is a guy who takes pictures of the body surfers out there early in the morning and Julius loves to go to the guy's website and see how many good shots there are of his body surfing session...this one is pretty cool! You can only body surf at this spot as it is very close to the rocks and isn't all that surfer friendly...although he has surfed there (if you get caught it's a $50 fine).


virjennifer said...

That's awesome!
I wish I could surf at all. What is the website called?
So when will we see one of YOU body surfing? ;)

virjennifer said...

oh and Aaron just told me he and his buddies would tape themselves while playing basketball and then watch it all day.
males are strange.

Rachel said...

Sweet picture! Definitely needs to be framed. I'm gonna show Josh this, just to see the look of jealousy on his face. Hehehe. Living in Arizona is killing him. They are building a HUGE waterpark w/ every type of watersport near us, but I'm pretty sure we will be gone by then. Anyway, maybe one day our dudes can meet. I think they'd get along really well.

Alliban said...

he looks so cool. hang loose julius

Jamie said...

If any of you want the site to see more of Julius...go here or here You will have to scroll through a lot of pics, but they are kinda fun to see.

Terri said...

Thanks for the linkie-love. I can't believe I'm someone's favorite!

The ocean is so different from Florida. You really do live in paradise. Enjoy every moment!