Friday, July 11, 2008

Past and Present Addictions Meeting For The First Time

I used to love the New Kids On The Block...It is more than 18 years ago that I had my heart set on marrying Joe McIntyre.  Well, I never did marry Joe, but I did save all their stuff I bought and have sold it on ebay!!!!!

I love ebay, what is it about ebay that is just so....addicting, fun, exciting, different....when I put my stuff for sale on ebay, it's...euphoric.   I love to sign in and go to "My eBay" and see how much the price has gone up since the last time I checked (which is usually every 5 mins...I get excited).  My NKOTB stuff is selling like hotcakes.  Man, people out their are strange...yes, I know I bought this stuff myself, but that was 20 years ago! (Man, I never thought I'd ever say "20 years ago"...weird!)  I have sold my magazines, old worn out...wait let's be politically correct, "vintage" t-shirts, buttons, card games, and right now the ugly carpenter's hat is at 10.00

Two worlds coming together.  One addiction, that I put a lot of money into, is making me money on another addiction.  I've made enough money to pay for our car registration....gotta love that! 


virjennifer said...

obviously this is an addiction that runs in the family. Aaron can't stop selling things!

Poor little old lady across the street, she gives him anything cool (old BYU football helmets) and he's got it on ebay the next day.

Boo said...

I don't even know what happend to all my NKOTB stuff...I can't believe you would turn on Joey like this!!!