Thursday, September 4, 2008

100% Guaranteed to Cure a Cough

Okay so maybe it's not 100% guaranteed, but I love it and it seems to work for me. If any of us have a cough, we put VICKS VAPOR RUB on the bottom of our feet and then put socks on.....totally works for us and we sleep nicely through the night.

Other things I live by:
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, don't ask questions just use it.
  • O.P.I (or whatever it is) for my fingernail polish
  • Hyland's Teething Tablets
  • O.B. tampons
  • Clorox2 for colors to clean the spots on my rug
  • Define-A-Lash Maybelline Mascara Waterproof
There are probably so many more and I will think of them as soon as I post this blog, but....



jen said...

Never tried the magic eraser, but I've heard awesome stuff.

I love OB, don't know why people still use those nasty plastic things... yick. no offense to anyone that does; of course.

I LOVE Tide, it's #1

Swiffer sweeper and duster, Aaron and I tug-o-war sometimes to who gets to swiffer sweep on saturdays. Of course we don't do that for who gets to fold the laundry... Usually I get to dust while Aaron sweeps & mops. :)

Infusium 23 - I want to be a hair model; ok jk.

LOTION. Any kind really. I'd shrivel up and die in this desert if it wasn't for lotion although my favorites are from B&BW

Sonicare tooth brush. OMG, I love that thing.
Oooh, money saving tip: buy two brush heads, and one main brush motor thingy and just switch the two when you need to use it. Can you tell we're cheap? ;)

don't know why they all became bathroom-type stuff...

Here's a kitchen one - MY BOSCH and real sweet cream butter.
ok now that this is a post in itself... love you jamie!

Jody said...

Yeah, i love magic eraser and have to thank you Jamie for telling me about it! They work for any room in the place.
OPI yes!
Teething tablets? i already have all my teeth.
Never thought about clorox 2 for carpet...we will have to talk about that.
Have used infusium 23 for years.
Best lotion is palmers cocoa butter.
I never really knew that my brother Aaron was cheap..have you guys tried the 99cents only stores?

Katrina said...

Kay Jamie, I promise I'm not just leaving this after reading about how much you love comments. I really have been meaning to comment on this one since I read it. I LOVE hearing what works for other people and getting great tips. Here are my favorite must-have's in no particular order:

Downey (April Fresh Scent) - every once in a while I venture out and want to try the latest new Downey scent but I am always disappointed and go right back to my April Fresh. I LOVE how it makes my laundry smell. Also love the Downey sheets and found a great idea on those--cut your sheets in half or even thirds and make them last 2 or 3 times as long. Brilliant!

Pantene Fortifying Fortifier (yes it's really called that) - it's a deep conditioner that I use every day on my thick, unruly mane and it makes my hair soft and easy to manage. Plus, it's a decent price!

Young Living Essential Oils (Thieves and Peppermint are my faves) - my mom got me using these and I swear they keep the germies and sickness away. The boys ask me to rub their feet with oil every night because my mom also told them it would keep the bad dreams away (thanks, Mom).

My carpet spray - I don't even know what it's called but I make it from one of those concentrated cleaning solutions they sell door-to-door. It's worked great for me and I'm a freak about my carpets being clean. I too want to hear more about how you use Clorox 2 on your carpets!

Vinegar and baking soda - I've been trying to use these more since they're natural and cheap. They're especially great for the bathroom where I'm always needing to get rid of unwanted odors (be grateful you don't have to deal with little boys and their poor aim!).

Kirkland Baby Wipes - I love that they're unscented and I use them not only to keep my kids clean but around the house as well. I'll probably carry a pack of these around even when I don't have small children. They come in handy for so many things!

I can't think of anything else at the moment so there's my .02!

Katrina said...

Oh my goodness, I just noticed that looks more like a long-winded post than a comment. Sorry, I get excited about this kind o' stuff!

Jamie said...

I totally forgot my fav, the bleach cube to put in your toilet tank. No color just the 2000 flushes or something similar. I will not go without it, you will totally see a difference in your toilet!