Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Will I Ever Sleep Again?

That is the question I ask myself nightly. I spoke too soon when I was telling my friend that my girls were doing great sleeping in their own beds and I'm sleeping. The last few nights I just couldn't wait for the sun to come up. At 11 and 12 and 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5. Getting back to sleep is no easy feat for me. I just pray for the patience to carry on and make it until it's time to really get up.

Is it just me or does anyone else have this problem? If is not Lucy it's Ellie. If it's not Ellie is Lucy. Recently the thought of going to bed gives me anxiety. Getting comfortable and relaxing isn't nice anymore. I know I will be awaken by, "mommy, I want hold your hand", "mommy, I want to sleep in your bed", WAHHHHHHHHHHH!", "WAHHHHHHHH",WAHHHHHHHH", or "mommy, I have a go pee pee". All legitimate excuses, but man it sure can take a toll on you during the day. Oh and get this, if I'm not up with them I'm usually dreaming that I am, yes dreaming, about getting up in the middle of the night with them. Sucks, I know!

Will I ever get time to myself, will I ever get to take a shower by myself, will I ever get to go to the store without hearing, "I want, I want" (oh, wait that's me), will I ever get to do my exercise video without having someone sitting on my lap, will I ever get to eat a meal is peace while it's hot, will I ever sleep again? I know there will come a day when they wont want me and I'll stay awake anyway and check on them and worry about them and fret over them, and and and...

How's your day going?


Lindsay said...

"mommy, I want hold your hand", "mommy, I want to sleep in your bed", WAHHHHHHHHHHH!", "WAHHHHHHHH",WAHHHHHHHH", or "mommy, I have a go pee pee". All legitimate excuses.

Lets clarify going pee is the only legitimate excuse so you have a right to be frustrated. Its hard to enforce bedtime discipline when you are so tired you just want them to shut up so you do what ever they want. This is a TRAP and they know it. It will only make you miserable and drive you to the brink of insanity. I swear if you don't even talk to them or make eye contact and guide them back to bed. You may do it 8 times in one night but in the long run you will have peace. It was the best advice I ever got from my mom. ! Warning ! You will have to try to ignore the crying/whining which can be VERY difficult when dad has to get up for work and you live in a duplex.

When I read this I so feel for you. I hate going to the store and listening to the begging. Ethan just goes nuts with it. Hes older so we started the allowance with chores so he can buy his own shee if he wants it.

I have gone so insane with lack of sleep with Ethan I had panic attacks with bedtime. Did you know that people on meth start hallucinating after being awake for 2 days? Its not the drug its the lack of sleep. So proof being with out sleep can make you nuts.

Jody said...


Trust me, someday you will sleep...We as mothers have the "you will hear everything at night and your kids will keep you up gene". After 25 years i am happy to say that even tho' all my adult kids live with us still and Bryce our 4 year old grandson...I sleep and don't hear the things i used too...Now Mike is the one who hears things, hahaha.
Am i done with the responsibilty of raising and worrying in the night and that is why? or is it the getting older and the ears aren't what they used to be...like the eyes. Who cares cause now i don't hear Mike get up or the kids come in or watching tv or whatever, once i fall asleep. Someday your peaceful nights will come. Just hope you don't have to wait that long..

Lindsay said...

Man Jody you gave me hope. When I was 17 my mom could undress me and put me in bed and I would have no memory of it. After kids, I hear the kids roll over in their bed and I wake up in a panic kinda how Pop does. " What the hell is go'n on!"

Jenn said...

I hear ya sistah! I'm in the same boat :) Tonight after 2 min of Anjuli going to sleep she starts screaming "doo doo!" But I've heard that one before--she knows what to say to get out of bed. So I let her cry it out 10 min, then I went in to check on her...turns out she was :( I don't think there's any one right answer. Just follow your natural instincts as a mom, and you're a great one at that!

Lindsay said...

Isn't that the craps ! lol. Just when you think you are being a good parent, it turns back and bites ya in the tush ! lol. I have had the same instance but my child painted with it ! YUCK !

Alliban said...

Some day. I get the same thing too. Only from Natey though. He always wants to sleep in my bed and when he lays down, he has to wrap both hands around my neck so our noses touch. There's no hope for me to get free of that! I love it!