Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Seriously? Really? What?

So I'm asking for you help. I might not like what I hear, but I want your opinion.
I'm going to tell you a little story.
In Dick and Jane style.
Someone let me borrow a breastpump. 
She offered, I didn't ask.
She moved away.
To a different country.
She didn't take breastpump with her.
She came back to visit.
Asked me to meet up with her.
She never called.
She came back to visit, again.
Asked me to meet up with her, again.
She never called.
She came back to visit.
Asked me to meet up with her, again.
I was going off island.
I left breastpump at mutual friend's home.
She never picked it up.
She asked me to send it to her.
It cost a buttload to send. 
Told her I would keep it here until she came to visit again.
Emails started to get ugly.
Jamie started to get pissed.
She is blaming.
Is this my responsibility?
The End.
But not really.  Read the latest e-mail she sent to me.  Names have been changed to protect...I'm not going to say innocent, they are just changed.

To say the least, I am rather miffed with this entire breast-pump-
return fiasco. Quite frankly, regardless of the fact that we never
seemed to "meet" whilst I was in Hawaii, I am going to point out that
in my opinion, YOU should have been coming to me, not vice versa.
After all, I was doing you the favor, NOT you doing me a favor.

So, when Dick (named changed) arrives in Hawaii next month I expect you to drive out
to where ever he is staying and return the pump to him in immaculate
condition. I hardly got to use my pump, so I would appreciate it's
condition being near new.

Jane (Named changed)
Am I wrong for being pissed and feeling like it's not my responsibility to get this thing to her?  Now I'm even more pissed (after this last e-mail) and want to write her and tell her off.  It's as if I am keeping this damn breastpump away from her. What the hell? Really? Over a freakin' breastpump.  I'm not going to pay to ship it to her (though I should have to get her off my back), but that was the whole point of borrowing (might I remind it was she who offered!) I am a cheap son-of-a-gun.  I borrow so I don't have to pay for something.  And when I let people borrow things I don't expect them to be at my beck-and-call with whatever item it is. 
So please tell me exactly what you think.  I need a sanity check here.
Oh, by-the-way I've had the breast pump since Lucy was born.....almost 5 years ago.



Jessica @ One Shiny Star said...

Nasty. I would be upset too. I think her demands are rather ridiculous, if you want something kept new, keep it in the closet - don't lend it out. At the same time, I can see why she might be frustrated. I guess it comes down to how important this friendship is. Is it cheaper to buy it online and have it shipped to her? If her husband comes to visit, is it going to be close to you?

I tend to want to give people the benefit of the doubt. I have bad days, weeks, and even months - and other people do too. Sorry she's being nasty, and I hope you can find a resolution that leaves both of you satisfied.

Jamie said...

Well, she wasn't really a friend friend, so nothing will be lost there, but I do agree with the both being satisfied part. I totally appreciate her letting me use it and don't like to have people hate me or think awful things about me.

Becks said...

HA! Am I a terrible person? Because the entire time I was reading that e-mail of hers I wanted to punch kittens . . . or her face . . . whichever would be closer . . . Although I don't think even punching kittens would satisfy me. It'd need to be her face. And maybe one of her kid's faces too. Yeah that sounds satisfying.

That is really messed up of her to demand all that from you. She let you borrow it. She refused to make an effort to come grab it. SHE is in the wrong.

Unfortunately, she sounds like the type of person who will never admit to her own faults. It looks like you'll have to be the mature one in the situation and do as she asks.

Maybe her husband won't be as freaking ridiculous as she is and he'll meet you half way or something.

But yeah, I think you have a right to be upset and you have a right to tell her that she is being ridiculous.

Hope it all works out Jamie!!

Felisha Coltrin said...

Don't pay a dime.. She had ample opportunity to retrieve her property. An immature attempt to re-direct responsibility of her own laziness and lack of planning. I wouldn't waste gas, at the very least ask (dick) to meet you half way!! Leave a nice note with the pump saying.. Dear Jane, Hope you lactate all over your inflated ego!!

Jamie said...

Punch kittens, that's funny! I do agree that she wont be the mature one...I've heard some things that have happened between her and others. Thanks for making me feel better....I was pretty pissed. I definitely think she is re-directing the responsibility to me.

Jamie said...

What do you think....when she tells me when her hubby is in town (I do like him) I will email her saying that it is at our old bishops house (of course I need to ask him first) and then have him pick it up from there....or is that just me being prideful and trying to not do "exactly" what she's telling me to do?

Corrina Hale said...

When you left it at a mutual friend's house, you more than met your obligation/responsibility. Her not picking it up is TOTALLY on her. I think saying it's at your old Bishop's house is fine. If she can't take responsibility, then it's her own darn fault.
That's my 2 cents =)

Lindsey and Jared said...

Are you sure you're not talking about one of my sisters in law? Because I am pretty sure this is identical to emails I have received from them! :)
Jamie, you're better than being petty. I think you're in the right, but contention isn't your style. Meet her husband halfway or leave it at the bishop's house with a nice note that says "Thanks for letting me borrow it!" haha Nothing ticks them off more than having their egotism deflated ;)
Best of luck!


Jody said...


Nobody sends emails like that to my little sister and gets away with it! Who am i kidding, what can i do in California ? but be supportive... When did she let you borrow it? With Ellie? Jack hasn't been around that long to cause all that contention! I used to give people the benefit of doubt and maybe a bad day happened but that is ridiculous... If it was thast important to her she should have got it before she left! Did she leave the island in the dark of night? I know i am making no sense and rambling but what a B?#*%! Leave it at the bishops house or at a drop spot at the Five-0....Love that show! We need to Skype! Love your big Sis Jodes

The Jonas Family said...

What a crazy friend, if you call her a friend! I would love to hear the end of this. Good luck!

Katrina said...

I'm chiming in a bit late but I agree with all the other comments. That's HER bad! What a snotty email. I'd just leave it at the Bishop's and be done with it. Having to see her husband might just stir up more contention. Love ya and let us in on how it all works out!

Thekla said...

Dirty. I have a breast pump you can HAVE!

Jamie said...

Thanks to all of my supporters!

Michael said...

Hi Jamie,
Reply back to her and tell her that it will be at your house whenever she or her husband want to pick it up, but you will not shoulder the responsibility of getting it back to her. Then tell her thanks for letting you use it and have a nice life.

Michael said...

Oh, a couple more things. Tell her that she can also send the money for shipping and you'll get it mailed out to her at your earliest convenience. Also tell her that if it's not picked up or shipped withing 6 months (or whatever time period you choose), that you're going to donate it to a woman's shelter. In short, not your problem, hers, so put it back on her.