Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Love Life ...For Today, Anyway

Sometimes I just go about my day and forget that there is a big world out there. I get so caught up in doing laundry, cleaning this or that, putting Lucy in time-out, that I forget to have fun. Well, I went to the beach on Saturday and Monday and had a great time. Ellie loves to explore the sand and Lucy loves to play in the water. What more could a woman ask for. We are potty training and have had a few "incidents" that I wont go into, (but if you really want to know, email me and I will tell you), but they were pretty funny. I am really glad not many people were around! Life is good and I enjoy getting out and getting sun, it's good for the soul. My goal is to do fun things more often with the girls; dishes, laundry, and time-outs can wait, they are still going to be there when I come home!


Katrina said...

Are you trying to make us all jealous? My boys would LOVE to be at the beach every day. They beg to go to the beach here but Nor Cal beaches are just not the same. Having to bundle up in sweatshirts--not my idea of a fun day at the beach. Anyway, I hear ya on trying to balance mommy/wife/homemaker responsibilities. It's a never-ending juggling act and I can always use a good reminder to remember to just enjoy my kids. They're growing up way too fast!

Love ya!

Jody said...

James, i am so proud of you!! First for doing the blog..i can't believe it, it is great and second for taking my advice and doing the most fun and FREE thing..going to the beach. The girls can scream as loud as they want and you don't have to care, your not at the store, or movies, or park where you spend ALL of your time pushing the swing or climbing on the toys, that you are too big for.. oh wait that's me...The beach is beautiful and free and i am so jealous, but as long as there are pictures then i am ok. You're the best, love ya Jodes

the Lindgren fam said...

Great picture! Thanks for telling me that you have a blog. You were probably hoping I wouldn't find you.


Bratton Family said...

Um, totally love the updated blog. Looks so cute!! The girls are getting so big....we are getting so OLD.